Sunday, 13 October 2013

Independent on Sunday Pink List 2013

UPDATE: My apologies to those I missed - and hopefully I have you all now (and thanks to Christine Burns for taking the time and pointing out my errors)

Highest showing ever for Trans folk as 16 Trans folk have made 2013 The Independent’s  Pink List, 3 made the National Treasures List and and another  / One’s to Watch /

National  Treasures:

  • April Ashley, MBE – former cabin boy, dancer, model and ‘she who lost the famous case which lost our rights’, but she never hid. Now can be seen in April Ashley portrait of a Lady, Museum of Liverpool for the coming year
  • Lauren Harries - media personality, former child 'antiques genius'
  • Paul O’Grady MBE - Actor, presenter; became famous as 'Lily Savage'
  • Stephen Whittle, OBE, PhD, MA, LLB, BA Professor of Equalities Law, PFC Vice-President, and the one who contributed to winning our rights
  • Boy George - Transgender Musician
  • Alice Purnell, OBE, BsC, RGN – founder of the Beaumont Society, Beaumont Trust and now of GENDYS

The Pink List

1. Paris Lees – Journalist and social trans activist – and a great No.1 for the list
8.  Jackie Green – Miss England entrant and trans activist
13 (joint). Helen Belcher & Jennie Kermode of Transmediawatch
23.  Luke Anderson – chef and winner of Channel 5's Big Brother 13
27. Sarah Brown – out trans Cambridge Councillor representing the Liberal Democrats for the Petersfield Ward, and now on LibDems national executive
40. Jane Fae – journalist, fiction and faction author and trans activist
41. CN Lester - Co-founder of Queer Youth Network,
43. Tara Hewitt –deaf advocate, Wirral Conservative Future and deputy chair of Conservative Future North West
60. Juliet Jacques - ex-footballer, journalist
61. Roz Kaveney – poet, journalist (New Statesman), author, founding member of Feminists Against Censorship,  former deputy chair of Liberty, trans activist
69. Natacha Kennedy  - former primary school teacher, Education Lecturer at Goldsmiths College, and Trans and intersex activist
77. Lynette Nusbachermilitary historian, director of Nusbacher Associates, and Senior Lecturer in War Studies, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
79. (joint)Lewis Hancox & Raphael Fox - participants on 'My Transsexual Summer', now produce films as My Genderation Films
96. Jay Stewart – PhD student, film-maker, and co-leader of Gendered Intelligence

Ones to watch 

Nicole Gibson – trans model
Sophie Green - Artist and illustrator
Jo Clifford - Edinburgh-based writer, playwright, father, and trans woman